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Our personal injury and family law attorneys strive to protect the rights and interests of clients and their families in all aspects of personal injury and family law. Put our knowledge and experience to work for you. Serving clients throughout Connecticut.

Cheshire CT Personal Injury Lawyer- Giving Victims A Voice

Attorney Frank C. Bartlett, Jr. focuses on personal injury litigation.  If you or a loved one has been hurt in any type of accident that resulted from another person’s negligence, carelessness, recklessness, or have been the victim of sexual abuse it is likely that you are entitled to compensation.   We are a full service law firm with its focus on, but not limited to the following areas.

  • Sexual Abuse victims now have a voice. The statute of limitations in Connecticut provides that victims of childhood sexual abuse have thirty years from when they turn eighteen to pursue a claim stemming from the abuse.  In 2014, Attorney Bartlett won a jury award of $2,750,000 plus punitive damages of $438,804 in a civil personal injury case involving sexual abuse of a minor girl that took place forty-one years ago, despite the unavailability of almost all medical and police records.

Attorney Bartlett represents clients sexually abused by those in organizations or in postitions of authority such as

If you, or anyone you know has been abused please call our firm now.   We have the experience and resources to get the closure and validation victims of childhood abuse deserve.  Don’t assume you don’t have a case.  Contact Attorney Frank Bartlett now to discuss your legal rights. For more information on sexual abuse click here.

  • Wrongful Death is defined in Connecticut as a death caused by the negligent, willful, or wrongful act, neglect, omission, or fault of another.  Wrongful death cases are complex and require attorneys skilled in this area of personal injury law.  Bartlett Burns has the top ranked attorneys in this area of law.  Our Certified Legal Nurse, Bonnie Caines contributes her decades of medical expertise and extensive medical network to ensure every medical detail is used to build the strongest possible wrongful death case for you and your family. If we take your case, we will pay all costs associated with your suit, and will only be paid back if we win on your behalf, so you have nothing to risk by calling.    Call now to discuss your case with Attorney Frank Bartlett, our lead wrongful death attorney.  For more information on Wrongful Death click here.
  • Car Accident   Our experienced Waterbury area lawyers can help you if an auto accident resulted in your personal injury or bodily harm.  Connecticut  law allows you to file a personal injury case to recover for damages suffered in an auto accident, including medical bills, pain and suffering and possibly lost wages.  We have handled many car accident cases and can draw on our years of experience formerly defending insurance companies to maximize your compensation.  We now only represent the injured. For more information on car accidents click here.
  • Motorcycle Accident  As Connecticut motorcycle riders ourselves, we know firsthand the dangers and complexities of motorcycle accidents.  We have the knowledge and experience to handle this special type of personal injury case.   More information on  Motorcycle Accidents click here.
  • Medical Malpractice cases in CT should not be handled by a novice.  The medical malpractice attorneys at Bartlett Burns regularly handle these complicated types of personal injury cases.  Medical malpractice cases require medical experts on your team that can identify what specifically went wrong and how it should have been prevented.  Our medical expert Bonnie Caines works closely with her network of medical experts and with our attorneys to bring the strongest possible suit on your behalf. For more on  Medical Malpractice click here.

Attorney Frank Bartlett’s knowledge gained as a clerk at the Connecticut Appellate Court and as  an  insurance defense attorney provides him rare insight into the legal process.   This knowledge, along with the courtroom experience gained from hundreds of cases allows him to maximize your compensation and arrive at a fair value for your case.  He has obtained excellent results at all levels of the judicial system, has won many honors and accolades and has two of the Connecticut Law Tribune’s Top 25 jury verdicts for 2013.  For other types of personal injury please click here.


Family Law - Protecting the Rights of Men and Fathers

Attorney William Burns handles all aspects of family law, including but not limited to:

  • High Net Worth Divorce is complex.  Attorney Burns has the experience, technical knowledge and support staff to address all intricacies of investments and business. For more about High Net Worth Divorce click here.
  • Divorce Father’s Rights As a parent, Attorney Burns appreciates how precious children are and has seen in many cases how children  become pawns in marital disputes.  He will protect your child’s and your interests.  He is an expert in Child Custody matters and will explain the differences between physical custody and legal custody, including joint and sole custody. He listens carefully and has the ability to defuse potentially intense situations before they occur.  Much of his business comes from satisfied client referrals. Divorce and Father’s rights click here.

He will spend whatever time it takes to help establish child custody and/or a visitation schedule which enables you to remain an effective and caring parent.  He will fight to ensure that you have your say in major decisions affecting your children, including those involving education, religion, and health care, among others. At no time will you be uninformed and he will make sure you understand the consequences of any decisions you make. Modifications and Enforcement of orders requires seasoned representation.  Attorney Burns has significant experience helping clients whose ex-spouse refuses to share custody as agreed or ordered, and can help you file for a modification to child custody, child support, or alimony in the event of a substantial change in circumstances (e.g., child relocation, remarriage, change in salary, etc.). Your children are an important part of your life, it is critical to retain the services of a skilled family law attorney who will protect your legal interests, answer your questions, and fight to solidify your continued presence in your children’s lives.  We are available to meet with our clients after-hours by appointment, including weekends and evenings.  For more information on divorce and men’s rights click here.


Appellate Advocates – Lawyers Working With Lawyers

Bartlett Burns handles appeals to the Connecticut Supreme and Appellate Courts.  Trial courts sometimes make mistakes. If you have unfortunately had a trial court rule against you in a civil trial there may be legitimate options for a successful appeal. Similarly, if the opponent to a successful trial seeks an appeal of the verdict you have won, we can help protect your judgment. We have the valuable experience of having handled numerous cases before the Appellate and Supreme Court. Click here for additional information on Appeals.

Below is TV coverage of Attorney Frank Bartlett before the CT Supreme Court in Wood v. Club LLC.  His arguments start 30 minutes 20 seconds into the video.  This is a rare opportunity to see how your attorney deals with the unique intense pressure of our State’s highest court. Click on the photo below to view the video.  After watching the video click here for the Supreme Court’s Ruling.

Supreme Court Oral Argument in Patrick Wood v. Club LLC, et al. September 20, 2013 Connecticut Network